CWG is an innovative design firm specializing in architecture, engineering and design in Helena, Montana.


Enduring spaces, designed for generations

For more than 60 years, CWG Architects has designed spaces to make long-lasting impressions on communities and provide efficient and beautiful places to live, work, and play for generations. From our first design to our most recent projects, quality is our signature.


Dynamic solutions that look beyond current trends

At CWG we’re constantly seeking creative solutions that fit our clients’ needs and take our work to the next level. With an emphasis on collaboration, we are pioneering new approaches to architecture, engineering and design.


Inspired connections between people and design

Every client is unique and every project is different. The spaces we design go beyond structure, purpose, and aesthetic. They are personal, and we strive for a client-centered approach that creates a meaningful connection between people and design.


Learn more about industry insights, our latest projects, and the CWG team behind them all right here on our blog.

Finding Color Inspiration in Nature

July 17th, 2018|Comments Off on Finding Color Inspiration in Nature

As a designer, I am generally inspired by my surroundings. When I am lacking inspiration for design, I try to take a scenic walk or hike. It is helpful to take photos of what I [...]

The Quintessential Montana Cabin

July 10th, 2018|Comments Off on The Quintessential Montana Cabin

The original 1 room log cabin was, in its distilled form, a place to sleep and to keep from freezing. Over the last 100 years it, like most homes, has transformed into something else altogether. [...]