January 3, 2017

Setting the Foundation: Celebrating 60 Years of Quality, Innovation and Passion

At CWG, our main goal as architects and interior designers is to create timeless buildings with lasting effectiveness, quality and innovation reflective of our clients. This has been a principle trademark of the way we do business, and we’ve created countless repeat clients because of it.

It’s not often that we think about it, but as we approach 60 years of business in our hometown of Helena, with pieces of our design spread across this historic town and across the state of Montana and greater Northwest- the same principles can be applied to creating and sustaining a lasting company. With an unwavering dedication to quality, understanding of our clients and attention to detail, our staff works tirelessly to create projects that reflect our clients, and not the latest trends doomed to be outdated in a short time. Dollar for dollar, the value for working with CWG Architects translates into quality workmanship, purposeful building design and the highest quality and cut of materials to match.

The foundation of our work is the quality people who do it. Our staff comes from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds but maintains the CWG brand of quality, innovation and passion throughout each project that passes through these walls. This consciousness effort to maintain our mission and values across generations comes from the understanding of our founders, and namesake, Grant Crossman, Wayne Whitney and Dick Griffin, who created a legacy of no-frills design with a timeless edge. Throughout the next two generations that would follow, the foundation has been continually reinforced with a new generation of talented staff, many of whom have spent the life of their career with CWG Architects.

Born in 1957, CWG Architects was founded as an architectural entity of the engineering firm Morrison-Maierle, Inc.

Grant Crossman, a hardworking gentleman who was known for believing in his employees, jump-started the company within the engineering firm. In 1966 Wayne Whitney and Richard Griffin joined Crossman in the partnership. The three founding fathers formed Crossman-Whitney-Griffin Architects.

“We’ve always maintained a really great main group of people. That is something Grant always believed in,” said Jim Brown, a second generation architect and former principal of the firm.

Throughout CWG’s time in Helena they have influenced many features of the town’s identity. CWG has been a part of building and renovating many landmarks in the community, including the restoration of the Capitol Building in 1959, construction of St. Mary Catholic Church, rehabilitation of Carroll College after the train explosion in 1989, and more recently the expansion of Helena Regional Airport. Today, our work of building and renovating has grown to include projects for the Montana Department of Transportation, Town Pump, Montana Public Schools, commercial buildings, and residences and ranches across the state.

Needing a place to expand in 1981, CWG moved their office from downtown to the original carriage house for the TC Power Mansion at 650 Power Street. Today the firm is continuing to grow and add talented staff to realize our mission of quality design more fully.

Over the years much has changed at CWG, including the people and technology leading the field of architecture. What’s stood the test of time is CWG’s commitment to quality service, innovative design, and passion in meeting their client’s expectations.

“Architecture has changed considerably since I started,” said CWG President Tony Perpignano, “It is not just about design and technology, so much of what we have to do is invent new ways to provide our clients with innovative services as society’s expectations are constantly expanding.”

Still nestled in the Mansion District off of Power Street, the next generation of staff continues to build Helena through architecture and sustaining our community with charitable support through civic clubs, scholarships, and event sponsorship—doing our part to create a lasting future for our staff and the communities we serve for the next 60 years.