January 17, 2017

Our Industry: Interior Design

Interior Design Materials

The Interior Design industry has received a lot of positive spotlight in recent years, with growing interest in the design and function of our homes and office space. CWG Interior Designer Tyece Sweat talks all things industry in the first article of a design series coming throughout the year. This month:  a brief history, insight into our work and industry, and our client’s most common misconceptions.


Interior Design as a profession has only been around for a little over a hundred years; however, people have been designing interiors since they have been living in buildings.

Common Misconceptions:

Many people often use the term Interior Designer interchangeably with the term Interior Decorator; however, they do not mean the same thing.  The most accurate differentiation that I have found comes from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification itself: Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces within a building. Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with fashionable or beautiful things. In short, interior designers may decorate, if they so choose, but decorators do not design.

My Job:

As an Interior Designer for CWG, my job is full of variety and that means that my objectives vary greatly from one day to the next. I am able to be both a creative and critical thinker and I often2

switch between computer work to hands on work several times throughout the day. I have found that the most interesting and exciting part of my job is the ability to give a client a realistic idea of
what their space will look like before it is even built.

Why Interior Design is relevant:

Like our ancestors before us, we change our surroundings to better suit our needs as our lives change. Interior Design, when executed correctly, exhibits timeless principles that remain viable, even as their users change. Designers must always ask the question of “what if” and make selections that remain practical as time passes.

For our designers, Interior Design and Space planning is not an afterthought, but a thoughtful consideration from the start in order to design successful spaces. For more on our interior design department and to see our latest projects, visit our interior design page.

Originally from Wendover, UT, Tyece is a graduate of the University of Montana-Helena College Space Planning and Interior Design program. She believes that all spaces should be equally functional and aesthetically pleasing. Her most recent projects include schools, commercial buildings, and residential projects. Tyece admires her supportive family and friends and enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking in her free time.