CWG’s team of Interior Designers was given the opportunity to tour the Schluter facility in Reno, Nevada and learn from the professionals this past month.

Schluter was founded in 1966 by Werner Schlüter, a master tile installer from Germany. His profession led to innovation when he noticed a significant portion of his business was replacing tile with damaged edges. Thus, the first Schluter protective profile was born. Following the Schiene profile were awe-striking inventions: the first balcony drain was created; maintenance free movement joints (Dilex) hit the market; the groundbreaking uncoupling membrane changed the tile industry forever by allowing for differential movement between tile and substrate but allowing no damage; a true waterproofing membrane (Kerdi) was introduced; Kerdi membrane was elaborated to create Kerdi Board – a structural waterproof substrate that can gives the same support of wood but is not heavily impacted by water or vapor; Schluter integrated a tile-able line drain that is the most aesthetic drain solution the industry has seen – Kerdi Line; Also added to the extensive list of innovations was the easy-to-install electric floor warming system: Ditra heat (this comes with the waterproofing, and uncoupling features as well – we told you – innovation!).

Recently Schluter also created a wall base that is metal, each to attach to the wall, and provides a different aesthetic than the small profiles or other traditional base options; And finally, the latest technology from Schluter is their thin-set Mortar; it is designed to work with all of their products to help all of their products reach optimal performance.


We got to see all of the innovative technology listed above – in action. As designers, we can only begin to speak to how important it is to have knowledgeable and responsive people on the front end of the products we use. We were able to meet the customer service agents that will be answering our calls when we unavoidably have questions; it is so valuable to have a sense of familiarity with them. The facilitators gave detailed presentations and tools for all of their products, and then followed them up with live installation demonstrations. The flawless combination of class discussion, tour, and live demo left us all feeling like Schluter experts. We were always confident in Schluter products, but now we are even more so because we have established relationships with excellent people who will do everything they can to help our projects succeed.



Tyece Sweat
Tyece Sweat Interior Design Director
With her impressive work ethic and talent, Tyece has quickly become a major force on our interior design team. Her project experience spans residential, educational facilitates and commercial buildings. She believes that all spaces should be equally functional and aesthetically pleasing. Tyece admires her supportive family and friends and enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking in her free time.