Interior Designer Tyece Sweat was recently promoted to Director of Interior Design.

“The principals of CWG have truly presented me with everything I’ve needed to succeed since day one of my internship, and since that day, not much has really changed,” shared Sweat. “I knew coming into the beginning of my career what my aspirations were as a designer and an employee; it is no coincidence that their goals and expectations aligned with mine.”

In her new role, Sweat will continue to work with a variety of residential and commercial clients, while leading strategic planning to promote and grow the interior design department to continue to provide a well-rounded experience for our clients. “My mission is to build within CWG an interior design department structured upon the same strong foundation as the architecture firm: quality, innovation, and passion. What you can expect from our design department is simple: good design, lasting quality, and excellent people.”
CWG’s Interior Design Department has enhanced the firm’s well-established architecture portfolio to include thoughtful interior designs that reflect their users on a personal level. For more information on CWG’s Interior Design Department, visit our interiors page. To contact Tyece directly, email [email protected]