August 8, 2017

Our Guide to Prevent Outdated Spaces

All of CWG’s interior designers are on the same page about trends. We don’t like to use “the next greatest color/material” unless we know it is going to last functionally and aesthetically. Put your “dream space” Pinterest board to the test by asking these questions about the design:

Are the features functional? Barnwood walls are visually deep and appealing, but how will you keep them clean? Granite countertops used to set the standard for a high-quality kitchen, but did you know they are porous and mold prone if not properly sealed and maintained?

Are you stuck on a “Theme”? Themed spaces tend to go “out of style” relatively fast. Spaces with an inherent concept like Light and Airy, tend to have features that are more adaptable to change. If a person decides they no longer like the “Tuscan” theme, it is likely that all of the features will be subject to change. As a homeowner, you can try to make the space your own with less-permanent features. Paint colors and accent pieces are easy to change, built in items are not.

Are the materials timeless? Every day we get new materials through the door, and every day, more are being invented. It can be hard to decipher what will be obsolete in a few months. We try to keep the definition of timeless in mind when selecting materials. Timeless does not have to mean “antique”. A better suited term could be “enduring”.

Does the design fit you personally? Open shelving looks nice, but do you have fancy dishes/items that you would like to constantly display? Or could that wall space be better utilized with closed storage and perhaps frosted glass?

Have you struck a balance visually? Like we mentioned, the definition of timeless is flexible. While wood, brick, stone, and metal are all timeless materials, so is white paint. Try to find a balance between hard and soft, light and dark, and ornamental and simple.

When selecting materials, ask yourself: do you like them because they are pretty or because you know they will function correctly and pass the test of time? – The answer should be both! Our interior designers are friendly and knowledgeable as well as skilled in material selection. We would love to assist you with your material selection!