September 19, 2017

Interior Design in my Life: Meagan Miller






Everyone appreciates walking into spaces that give them a good impression. The same is true with me. Although the spaces in my residence may be limited, I still try to make an effort to make them as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. My favorite room is my bedroom. This is the first and last space I see in my day. My bedroom, (when clean), is very serene and calming place to relax.

If I had to explain the color scheme of my bedroom, I would say it is an example of an Analogous color scheme. Analogous colors are groups of three colors that are next to or close to each other on the color wheel that corresponds with one another desirably.

The Octopus is my favorite water animal. They are known to be mysterious, strategic, creative, intelligent and adaptable. I was immediately inspired by an octopus canvas that I had recently purchased. I was drawn to the blue and teal hues of the octopus contrasted against the ivory and tan background of the canvas.

Everything in my room can be tied back to this painting. I have teal curtains that complement the painting and provides balance to my room. My bedding set is tan and light blue. The curved patterns of my comforter are replicated in the bend of the tentacles. My pillows are blue and tan, providing pleasant accent pieces that give my room a personal touch. And my favorite blanket is dark blue, representing a small adventurous vibe.

Blue is a very important color in the interior design world and is also said to be the most relaxing. In bedrooms, it instills a sense of serenity and peace, which is how a bedroom should feel. The cool, quiet blues represent formality. Having blues intertwined with the neutral browns and tans brings extra comfort and security to my space.