October 2, 2017


I thought being an architect would be pretty much the same whether working on a residence or a commercial project. Really – what is all that different? Well after a decade of working in both specialties, I see just how unique they are.

Each space is important in its own right but, it is how you approach them. You deserve to work in an inspiring and enjoyable environment, it is where you spend most your life. Work is a place to collaborate, manage, produce, and sell… it is most of all a place to efficiently accomplish tasks for the greater good. It’s a place where focus and service are of the utmost importance.

When you are talking about a peaceful, relaxing space to unwind from the long days at the office, well that is another conversation. Your home is a sanctuary from the everyday business of life. It is a place to decompress from the constant connection to technology. It is where your kids are raised, friendships are built and memories are created. The emotional connection to home is the greatest among all the spaces we interact with.

For architecture, like the rest of our lives – it is not so much about the process of designing, but the end purpose.