November 7, 2017

Interior Design in My Life: Tyece Pool

My life has been fully saturated with interior design lately. All clients present different challenges, but working for yourself is another animal entirely. My husband and I have been remodeling our home for over a year and living through a remodel is not easy. He is an extremely detailed contractor, which has proven to be an advantage for me and a bit of a disadvantage for him.

While inspiration is flowing, “one room at a time” does not really seem possible and now we are playing close-out on several partially complete projects.  So far on the interior, we have put a fresh coat of paint and texture on all of the walls, installed new countertops and a large cast-iron sink, “shiplapped” the mudroom, installed six can lights in the kitchen, added a pantry, demolished and retiled a bathroom and I’m sure several others.


Embracing the character | Our house has many unique features. We have a large, juniper staircase and many other wood features throughout. We have embraced this by adding cool, light elements to balance our interiors.

Adding Our Personality | Our style is a little farmhouse rustic and we are very eclectic with several different interests. We try to display small details of our hobbies through artwork and antiques.

Resale-ability |  It would be really easy for me to over-personalize this house, but with the prospect of someday selling, we try to only implement design features that we know will only increase the interest of potential buyers.