January 11, 2018

Get to Know Kory Kennaugh

1. If you were not an architect, what would you be?
I’d be restoring classic cars and boats.

2. What is your morning routine?
Make coffee, eat breakfast, read the news then walk the dog.

3. What is your perfect cup of coffee?
Dark roast with a little bit of half and half.

4. What is #1 on your bucket list right now?
Belgian breweries tour.

5. Quote to live by?
The Optimist Creed.

6. Favorite vacation destination?
Any Montana camping & off-road adventure.

7. Describe your aesthetic in three words?
Practical, Efficient, Subtle.

8. What made you go into the architectural field?
As a kid, I liked drawing and art. In middle school shop class, I was introduced to technical drafting where we had to draft plans for our wood and metal projects prior to building them. I really enjoyed the technical aspect of drawing projects with a T square and triangle. In High School, I was introduced to CAD drafting and Architecture, which made my career choice easy.

9. What celebrity house would you love to design?
Quentin Tarantino

10. What is your style?

11. Design Rules: One to break? One to always follow?
Each project is so different that design rules really don’t apply, but no matter the project, always focus on the client’s needs and take cues from the project’s site and surroundings.

12. What’s the best design advice you’ve ever been given?
No matter how small or simple the project, find ways to incorporate design innovation into the project.

13. Which designers do you admire most?
Architects Alvar Aalto, Steven Holl, and car designer Troy Trepanier

14. What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
While I enjoy most styles of music, punk and heavy metal are my favorites.

15. Where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling stumped?
The talented CWG team.