February 13, 2018

A Briefing on Commercial Design

Outside of their home, the majority of a person’s time spent will be in a commercial space. When designing for the public, Architects and designers are tasked with creating a space that is both appealing and accessible to the multitude of people using it. Regulated by building codes and ADA (Americans with Disability Act) building standards, commercial spaces become a puzzle of design challenges for the design team to crack.

Finishes in a commercial space endure more traffic and abuse than that in a residential project. Designers work with their clients to get a clear understanding of the intended use of each space. Selecting the correct finishes and having a knowledgeable installer ensures our finished projects will maintain for years to come.

The CWG team participates in extensive continued education opportunities to ensure that our team is armed with the latest information. This knowledge and experiences allow CWG to offer our clients with refined solutions for their project needs.