Selecting a dark carpet with a quarter-turn pattern variance for the main entrance of the schools will ensure that dirt and water will be contained before getting into the school and tracking it around, creating falling hazards. This carpet will conceal stains that are bound to happen. These tiles are easily replaceable and constructed to maintain a heavy traffic flow.





Modernizing the new administrative areas will give the new space a sense of sophistication and refinement. Patcraft Smoked Oak

LVP is an attractive contrast to the warm toned cabinets and dark countertops. These planks will provide staff with comfort due to the extra padding under each plank. Like the carpet, they are easily replaceable.




Meagan Miller, Interior Designer

Meagan Miller is an Interior Designer with CWG Architects, and her primary focus is to design spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally sustainable. In her work, she considers the environment first and foremost and has an interest in all project types. In her free time, Meagan enjoys photography, art, and going on adventures with her three young daughters.