July 17, 2018

Finding Color Inspiration in Nature

As a designer, I am generally inspired by my surroundings. When I am lacking inspiration for design, I try to take a scenic walk or hike.

It is helpful to take photos of what I encounter in nature and pull colors, features, and ideas from what I see.

Here is a color scheme developed from a photo I took at Crow Creek Camp area.

It is fun to take a crisp and refreshing image and refine it by compiling colors you see in the image.







Tyece Pool, Interior Design Director

With her impressive work ethic and talent, Tyece has quickly become a major force on our interior design team. Her project experience spans residential, educational facilities and commercial buildings. She believes that all spaces should be equally functional and aesthetically pleasing. Tyece admires her supportive family and friends and enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking in her free time.