July 3, 2024

People, Teamwork, & Passion In Our Community

It’s easy to spend so much time buried in the monotony of our work, but at CWG we know it’s important to take a step back and get involved with people outside of our day-to-day lives. Volunteering is exposure to valiant efforts that are essential to our local community. There is always a need to be met, a problem to be solved or alleviated, and at the very least, someone who needs encouragement. Through participation, our social fabric and system become operational and thrive. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of our staff members and the roles they play in making Helena a better place to live, whether that’s through formal volunteering or simply enriching the lives of others.

Tony Perpignano, President

Tony has been an active member of the Helena Sunrise Rotary Group since joining in late 1999. He has spent the past 25 years in the club working with community non-profits/leaders, such as Helena Food Share, the Salvation Army, Helena Education Foundation, YWCA, Helena Habitat for Humanity, The United Way, and Westmont developing community partnerships in raising funds for these organizations. During his time with the Helena Sunrise Rotary, Tony served as the president of the club on five different occasions. Tony is a Paul Harris Fellow, receiving the Paul Harris Award twice. Tony has also been a board member of numerous entities including the Helena Area Chamber of Commerce (2011-2017), Helena Industries (2008-2016), and The Holter Museum (2018-2023).

Kory Kennaugh, Secretary/Treasurer

Kory has been a member of the Optimist Club of Helena for over twenty years. Each year, the club runs the “Tacos and More” food concession at the Last Chance Stampede & Fair to raise funds for local youth and youth organizations. At Christmas time the club partners with Rocky Head Start to provide a Christmas dinner for the students and their families. He also serves on the Lewis & Clark County Heritage Preservation and Tourism Development Council. The seven-member Council works to protect and promote the heritage resources of the City and the County.

Jason Egeline, Vice President

Jason currently loves participating in Helena Habitat for Humanity construction work and has a history of lending a hand in Butte and Bozeman. His passion for construction-related work has spread all the way to the indigenous tribes around the Copper Canyon of Mexico and training for prison pre-release workforce re-integration here in the states. Jason pours into the lives of children as a Sunday School teacher at Helena Alliance Church. He has a long history of volunteering for food banks wherever he is, Bozeman, Portland, or Helena. If that’s not enough, Jason has been part of the Kiwanis club for many years – participating in outreach and general support of children’s needs. He even designed a new park and was very instrumental in seeing it come to fruition to improve the well-being of kids in Helena.

Liz Rae, Project Manager

Liz spends considerable time volunteering for Helena Habitat for Humanity. Over the years she has become more and more involved, and we are ecstatic to share that she has been selected for her own habitat home! Now, at least two days a week are dedicated to working in her soon-to-be neighborhood. If you’re looking for an opportunity to volunteer, Liz would love some extra help as her construction is just beginning! On top of her Habitat involvement, Liz is a board member of the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Helena Chapter. She coaches youth bowlers and plays an integral role in hosting tournaments. This past year, they hosted the Women’s State tournament, and are slated to host the Youth State tournament next year.

Parker Salisbury, Interior Designer

As a lover of the arts and theatre, Parker is committed to supporting the local arts community in any way possible. After rediscovering his passion for live theatre at Grandstreet Theatre, Parker seizes every opportunity to volunteer behind the scenes. Whether it’s popping popcorn, handing out tickets, or assisting backstage, he’s eager to contribute wherever he’s needed. In his words, “I’m honored to play a part in making the city of Helena shine even brighter through live theatre.”

Kylie Kackman, Marketing Coordinator

I just wrapped up my first season as a club volleyball coach for 16-year-olds in the Helena area. This league allows girls to play with people they may not go to high school with, challenge themselves, and develop new friendships. For the last seven months, I have hoped to be a role model and mentor to my team by teaching them life lessons and the technical skills of volleyball. We just competed in our final tournament in Phoenix, Arizona, where we finished 25th out of 134 over four days of play. In addition to volleyball, I’ve loved volunteering for Habitat for Humanity with CWG. I also enjoy volunteering for Helena Food Share where I participated in a digital marketing strategy project for them and helped hand out meals over Thanksgiving.

Meagan Miller, Lead Interior Designer

We are very proud to say that Meagan is a recent graduate of Leadership Helena, a program organized by the Helena Chamber of Commerce. She has spent this last year learning about the vital industries in our community and establishing connections with other leaders. Meagan also participates in volunteering for Helena Habitat for Humanity and Helena Food Share. She looks forward to our team’s workdays each year and continues to make a difference in the lives of many!

Scott Moses, Project Architect

Currently, Scott volunteers for Aspen Trail Therapeutic Riding and Equine Assisted Services in Victor, MT. This nonprofit provides therapeutic horsemanship to veterans, first responders, and those with physical, mental, social, and emotional needs. He also volunteers for Rocky Mountain Gardens in Missoula with his daughter, Cora. The exploration center provides educational and immersive cultural experiences for all ages.

Bill Grant, Project Architect

Bill currently serves on the State of Montana Realty Regulation Board where he participates as a public board member. He takes great care in reading up on the cases presented and uses fair judgment in the decision-making process. Bill has a long history of volunteering for other organizations over the years such as Helena Habitat for Humanity and Helena Food Share, served as the Fire Chief in East Glacier Park, MT, and was a member of the East Glacier Water & Sewer Board for about 30 years. Bill also served on the Montana Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for a period of six years expanding his architectural knowledge base.

Austyn Traxler, Architect in Training

Austyn is passionate about volunteering for Helena Habitat for Humanity where he has helped with countless tasks. Whether it is painting, bracing, or trim work, Austyn always looks forward to his volunteer days with Habitat. Helena Food Share is another favorite place of Austyn’s where he’s volunteered for years. He especially enjoys handing out food on Thanksgiving.

Dave Trotter, Project Manager

Dave has been a very loyal Habitat for Humanity volunteer. He’s racked up over 500 hours of volunteer time between construction in Billings and Helena. As you can tell, he is extremely passionate about helping others and the work that Habitat for Humanity is doing.

Debra Ureel, Interior Design Director

Deb is new to the Helena scene, but not to volunteering! She was a member of the Zonta organization in Denver, a group that advocates for education, gender equity, and ending child marriage & violence against women and girls. Throughout her time in Zonta, she volunteered to make meals and essential baskets for those in need. She helped at various women’s homeless shelters and Florence Crittenton. One of her favorite activities during her involvement was organizing fundraisers for need-based services and women’s education scholarships.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting an inside look into what our staff does to help others. At CWG, we know that every bit of support counts in making our community a better place! That’s why we are extremely proud of our staff who truly live out our values of people, teamwork, and passion, both at work and beyond.

Kylie Kackman, Marketing Coordinator