Future Proof Your Home’s Workspace

How many times have we heard “unprecedented” in the last few months? While the Coronavirus pandemic is entirely novel, the idea of a home office is not. Our team has been designing beautiful, high-functioning home work spaces for decades. The thing about a home office is that not everyone needs one or would continue [...]

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Creating a Home Away from Home for Soldiers Through Interior Design

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Memorial Day is coming up coming up quickly. With these occasions in mind, we have had deep thoughts of appreciation, gratitude, and reflection. Our team has a strong desire to help and support soldiers and increase their wellbeing through what we know best, design. We have an [...]

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The Difference of Solid Surface Countertops

Megan Moody, Interior Designer Megan Moody is a designer for CWG’s interior clients. She enjoys the creative process of interior design and collaborating with clients to interpret their needs and turn them into a successful design. With experience with some of CWG’s major clients, she brings a keen eye for design and aesthetic to all of [...]

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Helena School District, Safety and Security Updates:

Construction set for June 2018 The safety and security updates with Helena’s schools are well underway with five schools going into construction in June 2018. Our main priority is to be aware of everyone who enters these schools. Being aware and screening all visitors that enter the schools will ensure all of the students’ and [...]

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Evolution of Technology in Architecture

Today designers have all sorts of software tools to help them delineate their ideas accurately. These days the challenge seems to be how to keep up with all the updates and changes to Revit, but for a minute let’s go back in time to the 1760’s and consider how draftsmen solved these complicated problems without [...]

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