As we approach 60 years….

As our 60th approaches, we've been looking through old photos, projects and articles together for the many things we have planned this upcoming year. It's amazing to see all the memories these photos hold for our firm. Can't wait to celebrate it!

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Jennifer Charles celebrates 28 years with CWG Architects

Jennifer Charles To say that Jennifer Charles has made a major impact on our firm would be an understatement. If you've ever been in a building we've designed, seen a picture of our work, or held the plans to your future home in your hands, chances are Charles has been in intricate part [...]

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CWG Principal Jason Egeline attends MSU AIAS Scholarship Banquet

CWG Principal Jason Egeline was in Bozeman yesterday to attend this year's AIAS Scholarship Banquet at Montana State University. It's always a pleasure to see what our future architects are working on and we're proud to have supported AIAS for over a decade. We've been lucky enough to have two current members of AIAS in our [...]

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New Staff: Meagan Miller joins the firm as Interior Designer

We are excited to announce that Meagan Miller recently joined our Interior Design department at CWG Architects. Learn more about our newest designer below: Where did you grow up? I grew up in Great Falls and moved to Helena when I was 10 and graduated from Capital High School in 2005. Meagan Miller [...]

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CWG IN THE NEWS: Butte Silver-Bow Waste Water Treatment Plant opens

CWG Architects was hired as a consultant to Morrison-Maierle, Inc. on the recently completed 33 million dollar Butte Silver-Bow Waste Water Treatment Plant. The scope of work included the membrane/chemical building (10,000 sq. ft.), the fine screen/turbo compressor building (4,140 sq. ft.), the WAS/pump station building, the receiving station building and administration building, which was [...]

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Cheers! CWG celebrates inaugural “Oktoberfest”

It's safe to say it was a busy summer around our office. As we've heard from many of our clients and consultants, the last few months flew by with projects, trips and summer festivities. So much so, that we felt that a small Oktoberfest-inspired gathering is just what our office needed to transition into fall. With [...]

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