Keeping a Business Operational During Renovation

Customers + Construction = A Difficult Situation. It’s a common challenge for business owners and managers, “We need to renovate our space, but we can’t shut down.” Keeping the doors open and business operational during construction is a complex process that requires coordination and cooperation from the business owner, contractor, consultants, and customers. Case [...]

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The Importance of Landscape and Site Design

Architects are trained to evaluate a site to design a building that takes advantage of the site’s natural features, complies with zoning and code requirements and provides the building’s occupants with a convenient, safe and ADA accessible access to the building. Landscaping and site planning is the design element that ties these elements together and [...]

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Design in Education – Introducing Warm Colors to the Space

With the installation of darker colors, such as the walk-off carpet and luxury vinyl planks, there has to be an introduction of warm color to ensure that the space doesn’t seem too cold. We achieved this by specifying: Graham – Assa Abloy - Birch Wood Doors #300 – Medium Brown     Wilsonart –  Laminate for [...]

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Interior Design in my Life: Meagan Miller

          Everyone appreciates walking into spaces that give them a good impression. The same is true with me. Although the spaces in my residence may be limited, I still try to make an effort to make them as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. My favorite room is my bedroom. This is the [...]

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