Our Philosophy

As Helena’s oldest architecture firm and a trusted company throughout Montana, CWG has a reputation for having authentic, honest staff who execute extraordinary design. 

We strive to create a client-centered design experience and build long-term relationships that we nurture well after a project is complete. Our main goal is not just a successful project outcome, but a referral to associates, friends and family with each of them coming back for their next project.

That's when we know we got it right.

Our long-term vision

To combine our knowledge, experience, and diversity to build inspiring connections between people and design.

Our daily mission

Create a client-centered design experience through a process of collaboration.

Our practiced values

  • We treat people right by putting people first.
  • We find better solutions through collaboration.
  • We strive to go beyond
    what’s expected.

Guiding principals.

It was these basic philosophies that led CWG’s founders Grant Crossman, Wayne Whitney, and Dick Griffin to set out and create their own firm in 1957. Their foundation of quality customer service and respected business practices continue to guide the next generation of architects and designers who work at CWG.  For a small firm to thrive with multiple generations of owners is unique and is attributed to the strong company values that have been passed down throughout the decades.

Collaborative leadership.

At our core, is a management team whose primary focus is to put people in a position to succeed, build meaningful relationships, and facilitate open-minded teamwork. Tony Perpignano, Kory Kennaugh, and Jason Egeline work together to provide CWG with forward-thinking leadership practices.