Simply 4 steps from conception through construction

Taking your unique ideas and translating them into a safe and functional space is what we do. Architecture and interior design can sometimes seem perplexing, but the main function of our job is simple – We are here to be your advocate. 

We use our training, skills and tools to help you, as the project owner, best navigate every phase of the project. We want our design process to be transparent, for you to feel informed and know that there’s a team of professionals working with your best interest in mind. 

Each project is like a puzzle that we figure out piece by piece. Our repeatable process helps us see the bigger picture and make sure no detail gets overlooked. 

1. Examine

The programming, or pre-design, phase begins with a series of in-depth conversations between the owner, various stakeholders, and our design team. We collectively discuss the must-haves, timeframe for completion, budget, restrictions, and ultimately how the space should perform and feel. By understanding the design parameters and limitations from the start of a project, it guarantees that proper function and form are designed into the space. Good programming ultimately saves everyone time and money on future revisions. 

2. Experiment

At this point, the design begins to take shape and we present multiple ideas and possibilities aimed at meeting the requirements developed in the project programming session. The initial design concepts are communicated through sketches, schematic plans, and preliminary renderings. These tools help make the visualization process and spatial understanding easier. This phase allows us to make changes or identify issues before construction documents are started and the spaces takes on a physical form. 

3. Finalize

This phase ensures that the structures we design are buildable, safe, and ready to move into the construction phase. After securing client approval, we begin finalizing the details of the project. All civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, and fire sprinkler components are carefully coordinated in the overall design. The entire project team works together to certify that the space meets all codes and specifications, has the appropriate permitting, and that everything is prepared for a set of finalized drawings. By the end of this step, we have construction documents which are  a clear, easy-to-read set of instructions that tell a contractor how to build the finished products.

4. Construct

After complete construction documents are prepared, we help guide clients through the bidding and construction phase. This work helps us preserve the design’s integrity once we turn the drawing over to a contractor and the various subcontractors that will actually assemble the project. Whether that is simply referring a contractor that is best suited to the project or full construction administration, we’re here to help you get your building built. After all, good architecture never just happens on paper, it must result in finished space that meets your needs and goals. 

New construction, remodeling, renovating or retrofitting—our team is here to help.