Brothers Tapworks – The Confluence

Project overview

The challenge was to transform a Helena Landmark (The Panhandler) into a new tavern with a new purpose and feel. The owners were passionate and excited about this project and working with them to fulfill their goals was very rewarding.


The Bullocks were very easy to work with in the sense that they knew what they wanted, they had a sense of what they could spend, and communicated their ideas to our team. CWG Interiors brought this project to life by preserving and emphasizing the original elements of the building. It was also easy to hand this over to the professional team at Dick Anderson Construction to take over the construction for a seamless process from start to completion in January of 2023.


It almost never fails that when you have the right design team, the right contractor, and the right owner, good things happen. Thanks to the leadership of this team, CWG, DAC, and the Bullock Brothers, we completed this project very close to budget and on schedule, resulting in an amazing tavern and social hub for the Helena community.