CWG Architecture Office Remodel

Project overview

The office of CWG Architecture, located in the historic mansion district near downtown Helena, has a rich history. The original building was constructed in 1891 and served as the carriage house for Senator T.C. Power’s team of 12 black horses and multiple carriages. It was then used as the administrative building of the Catholic Diocese until it was obtained by CWG Architecture as an office building in 1981. The original building was redesigned to be a multi-use facility, which includes offices as well as 2 completely separated rental apartment units. This latest renovation aimed to have space that was warm and timeless on the interior and preserved the historic nature of the exterior space.


  • The entire team at CWG team participated in the design process. Coordinating and finalizing a design between a team of architects and interior designers for their own personal workspace was no small task, but with quality communication and teamwork, a design was finalized and executed.
  • A phased construction plan allowed staff to continue to work in the office while the space was under construction. This was a good reminder to our staff of what our clients living through remodel projects experience.
  • Design elements, such as the use of wood wainscotting and repurposing the original front door sidelites in the soffit of the reception space, pay homage to the building’s historic nature. Our aim was to restore the interiors to fit in with the charm of our neighborhood and get the space closer to what it looked like had the office space been built when the carriage house was originally constructed in the 1890’s.
  • To ensure the historic character was preserved, CWG’s designers worked closely with the Historical Society. Their assistance allowed for any alterations to the exterior of the building to add richness to the historic neighborhood and not jeopardize altering any important historic elements.


The building’s total interior renovations included updating the workstations, lighting, finishes, and amenities. The office has a reception area, 5 individual offices, 3 open multi-person workspaces, a conference room, breakroom, 3 restrooms and materials vault. The timeless design of the interior recreates some of to the building’s history while simultaneously creating a workspace with modern amenities.