E.L. Weigand Creativity Center

Project overview

Develop the existing Sherman Gallery into an arts center, with stronger community ties. Transforming the space into a flexible multi-purpose space that would be used as an art gallery but could easily transform into a “maker space” for after-school programs, group art classes, and small stage performances, while also providing more access to the arts, cultural and creative experiences.


The design team included Meagan Miller, Tony Perpignano and Dave Trotter. Diamond Construction was awarded the project and worked heavily with Holter Director, Chris Ricardo and CWG Architecture to create the vision of both CWG and The Holter, creating a welcoming and collaborative space for the community. Walls were removed to expose existing windows that were covered in the past. This added natural light brings life to this space. White felt acoustical baffles now hang from the high ceilings to eliminate loud noise and echo. Three flooring types were used in the space to draw your eyes to each collaborative space. Rolling and folding furniture were a necessity to provide the flexibility needed for collaboration. Perhaps the most noteworthy architectural aspect of the project is the “paint-drip ceiling.” This large, fixed art installation was Meagan Miller’s vision to create a show-stopping art piece as well as a conversation starter. This ceiling was created using SIPS panels. The drips were carefully cut using a laser cutter. A beautifully colored shiny vinyl was installed over the SIPS panels giving the piece a wet paint look. The project was completed ahead of schedule.


A new community arts center in the heart of Helena. The fresh space has been used heavily since opening.