Quartz Flats Rest Area, Montana Department of Transportation

Project overview

For more than two decades, CWG Architecture has worked with the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) to continually improve and refine rest areas across the state for the needs and future demands of the traveling public. The Quartz Flats Rest Area serves travelers year-round and is the gateway to the U.S. Forest Service Quartz Flat campground during the summer. The rest area was originally built in 1967 and rehabilitated in 1989. The facilities were showing signs of wear and were originally designed for lower traffic volumes. The improvements provided brand new facilities that enhance safety, durability, cost-effectiveness, and provide innovations for the traveling public.


  • The project was built using a Design-Build delivery method with Dick Anderson Construction and WGM Group, Inc.
  • The US Forest Service campgrounds remained open and accessible during construction.
  • The project finished 6 months ahead of the required MDT completion date.


With decades of research and experience, the team at CWG incorporated many of the same major elements that are present in other modern rest areas, like Hysham, into the Quartz Flats rest area. We’re constantly testing what works and what can be improved, and we have identified ways to enhance visibility, simplify structural systems, and further reduce maintenance to provide a new rest stop experience. The buildings include upgraded restroom facilities, better ADA access, and user-friendly features like USB charging ports. Parking areas were expanded and streamlined for easier vehicle turning and parking. From the lighting, to the glazing, to the fixtures and landscaping, no detail of this rest area was missed. It will provide a user-friendly, safe environment for Montana’s traveling public for many decades to come.