South Hills, Residential

Project overview

When designing a custom home for a client, it becomes instantly apparent the impact and importance of the client-architect relationship. It is not enough for the architect to have a design vision if the client is not fully invested intellectually and emotionally. Such was the case with the South Hills Residence. When there is true collaboration, mutual respect and appreciation, great things happen, and the sum becomes greater than the parts.


  • All design decisions were closely coordinated with the owners who were completely collaborative during design and construction.
  • Early meetings were held on this dynamic site which not only anchored the home to the surroundings but also helped in the arrangement and location of spaces within the program. This also facilitated directions of views, locations of existing trees on the site and orientation to landmarks like the cathedral and the sleeping giant.  
  • We involved the builder early in the process. They became an active member in the decision-making process during design and budgeting phases, which created a seamless process and smooth transition from design to construction.


This modern home functions as a base camp and jumping off point to the surrounding outdoor trail system. It is specifically set up for an active couple with dogs, mountain bikes and trail gear. It also functions equally as a cozy home for entertaining as well as doubling as a home office. With a million-dollar view that blurs the boundaries of the interior spaces and the outdoors this unique home exceeds the client’s expectations.