Ty Ar Y Ddolen, Residential

Project overview

CWG is known for our repeat commercial clients, but we also have many residential clients who come back to us when they’re ready for a new home. This particular client’s first home was designed by CWG over 20 years ago and once they retired they came back in 2019 wanting a smaller, single-level home. The goal was to design a home with a small footprint that met the specific requirements of a retired couple who wanted to have a safe, functional home as they grew older. The unique site allowed us to provide the clients with a one-of-a-kind home that is the epitome of quality over quantity.


  • The home was built during COVID so we had to contend and adapt to delays and schedule overruns.
  • One of the program needs was to develop a plan that eliminated the need for any steps.
  • Creating ample storage space within this modest size home was incredibly important to keep the open-concept look and feel.
  • Practicality and efficiency were at the center of every design decision.


The uniqueness of this home is a direct result of the client’s input, the influence of the site, and the attention to detail by the owners and design team. As a result, we have this charming and comfortable modern home that is distinctive yet modest.

We have utilized CWG services for two homes and multiple small commercial projects. Each time we presented CWG with our vision, they collaborated with us in an enjoyable and creative process. The architects, designers, and engineers are always helpful in presenting a wide array of options for interior and exterior finishes. Their vested interest in the project is demonstrated by them making constructive, alternative suggestions while maintaining the architectural integrity of the project. The creative energy from the CWG team fosters an inspiring and exciting building process.
—Paul & Lenette Caruso