Whitefish Town Pump

Project overview

The project consists of an all-new gas station and convenience store. This unique design intentionally accommodates alternative modes of transportation with dedicated walking and bike paths in and around the site, a pedestrian/bicycle-specific entrance on the west side of the building, and one of the first EV charging stations. This is all done to ensure a safe, accessible, and pleasant experience for all users.

Locating this project on a piece of property within city limits went a long way toward maintaining the goals of keeping commercial development within accessible, safe, and nearby areas, thus conserving resources and reducing urban sprawl. This steep, triangular site really limited building options for consideration. For example, the design work included over 20’-0” of added fill to get this location to work with vehicles and pedestrians.


This project was laid out to uniquely meet special city requirements for a one-off exterior look on the Façade of the building. This included careful coordination with the City of Whitefish with multiple meetings and proposals for the pre-application process, as well as meeting standards within the Architectural Design Review Board and those from the Conditional Use Permit.


The end result is a beautiful, high-performance facility that meets all the needs of the owner, city, and customers while minimizing urban sprawl.