Alyssa Kascak

Alyssa Kascak

BIM Specialist

Moto Trials Rider, Arrow Flinger, Fountain Pen Connoisseur, Serial Hobbyist

Alyssa Kascak, CWG’s new BIM specialist, joined the team in 2022. As a former realtor armed with a degree in technical drafting with a mechanical emphasis, she is uniquely well-equipped for the role. Her additional certifications with the Starrett Micrometer and other architectural implements allows her to create accurate models. In her spare time, Alyssa competes in MotoTrial races and spends every spare second enjoying the great outdoors.

Q & A with Alyssa Kascak

What made you interested in design / architecture / engineering?

I was always an artist growing up and building things with my dad as a kid. Later on, I discovered drafting and fell in love with it as a creative outlet that still required a high attention to detail that I really enjoy.

What's your favorite part of your job?

The sheer amount that you learn throughout the workday. Each individual project requires learning about unique needs and solutions it may need. Learning from my team members and consultants to help bring the right solutions to our clients is so rewarding.

Biggest challenge of your job?

The aspects that could be considered challenges are also the things that make me most excited about my role on the team. Whether it is troubleshooting software or designs, the possibilities are endless. I enjoy the challenges as they are what bring the brain food!

What do you do in your spare time?

My favorite thing to do is compete in Moto Trial Competitions & Race, when there aren’t any comps I enjoy archery, fishing, hunting, hiking, snowboarding, making things; from soldering mechanical keyboards to creating leather products, & collecting hobbies I don’t need.

One thing most people don’t know about you?

When I was growing up, I played on a factory paintball team with my brothers and won three national tournaments. I was featured on TV shows for interviews and in several magazines during this time.