David Trotter

David Trotter

Project Manager

Witty One-Liner, Carmex Carrier, Community Service Giver

David Trotter is a Montana native and has lived and worked across the state over his lifetime. A graduate of Montana State University’s School of Architecture, David has spent his career working primarily on school, church, and other commercial projects. David acts as a project manager for the firm, primarily in the commercial sector. Outside the office, David enjoys all that the Montana outdoors has to offer and is an active volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

Q & A with David Trotter

What made you interested in architecture?

Just always liked building/designing things & Mother and Uncle were both architects so runs in the family.

Favorite part of your job?

Getting to design something new for every project & challenge of finding new solutions for each project.

Biggest challenge of your job?

Keeping everything/everyone organized during the mayhem that a project goes through from design to construction.

What was your first job?

Installing septic tank systems.

What do you do in your spare time?

Exploring new places, hiking, building things, photography, and working for Habitat for Humanity.