February 27, 2017

7 Design Rules Worth Breaking

Designers should always ask themselves “what if.” As our creative minds wander, we are able to push the boundaries of what is considered good interior design and create inspiring and personal spaces. Several clever interior design tricks can ironically be found in an old set of implied rules long ago decided as taboo. Here are 7 design tips worth breaking:

1. Do not overlap time periods

We say – give it a try! The clean lines of modern design often balance highly ornamental or heavily textured spaces.

2. Save bright and bold for large spaces

Busy, bright patterns and textures are not overwhelming in small spaces when natural daylight is prominent and the rest of the space is passive.

3. Only use one furniture line per room

Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture lines. We think “matchy matchy” can look tired and uninteresting. Use your discretion to layer textures and finishes – creating a less formal atmosphere.

4. Symmetrical Design is best

 It is no surprise that symmetrical design is the most common – it is generally most comfortable; however, asymmetry can be subtly incorporated in comfortable spaces to add a bit of interest.

5. Ceilings should be white

We agree that white ceilings are a safe staple, but adding color at the top of the room can really give its inhabitants a different perspective.

6. Do not use more than one wood finish per space

Wood is an excellent design tool, but finishes can be tricky. Wanting to use it all over is natural, given its warm and cozy appearance. We suggest making sure your wood finishes are different enough to contrast – not clash.

7. Never use black on walls

We’ve all heard this one, but a black wall can be an excellent grounding point in a space.

The very best part about good design is that it is user-specific. The success comes from inhabitant satisfaction. Which one of these rules would you like to break?

With her impressive work ethic and talent, Tyece has quickly become a major force on our interior design team. Her project experience spans residential, educational facilitates and commercial buildings. She believes that all spaces should be equally functional and aesthetically pleasing. Tyece admires her supportive family and friends and enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking in her free time