December 1, 2023

The Color Revolution

‘The Age of Average’ has taken the world of Interior Design and turned it into a dull, one-toned place with generic “one size fits all” types of designs. One of the main places you can see this shift in thinking is in the world of color, where color theory has a much bigger impact on a person’s mood and overall well-being than you may realize. Different colors have been scientifically proven to trigger certain emotional reactions in our brains. For example, reds tend to stimulate excitement, while blues calm, and greens are shown to feel safe and secure. But what about the biggest color trend? What about gray?

In terms of psychological benefits, gray doesn’t have any. It is said to be a draining and overall negative color to be surrounded by. The neutrals palette that people tend to veer towards during design comes from the ‘future sale’ mindset. Many people have been designing their own homes for a future buyer in mind, rather than their own personality and enjoyment. When people own a home and their only thought is on the market value, neutral colors like gray seem to be the best investment.

However, people have started to realize that the gray lifestyle is not the most positive, especially after spending a large amount of time cooped up inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, while working from home, people were spending time amongst the loss of color and realized that they needed some color back in their life. This is why companies like Sherwin Williams are adding more eye-catching color variations to their yearly color forecasts. So, don’t think about what someone else wants your house to be and make it how YOU will feel most at home. It might just boost your mood!

Sherwin Williams Color-Mix Forecast:

Parker Salisbury, Interior Designer