Parker Salisbury

Parker Salisbury

Interior Designer

Constant Snacker, Crazy Sock Promoter, Dinosaur fiend, Cowboy at Heart

As an Interior Designer, Parker seeks to discover new design challenges and trends and loves the exploration of color in spaces. As a recent graduate, he is excited to learn and grow in the architecture and design world and hopes to create his own design identity. With historic buildings being a crucial part of a places history, Parker is passionate about repurposing those existing historic buildings for new use and celebrating their historic past. He is a proud Idaho Vandal and is now living the big sky dream, where he gets to explore and discover all the exciting outdoor recreation that Montana has to offer.

Q & A with Parker Salisbury

Where do you get your design inspiration?

The environment/nature in which a project is embedded, it’s important to me that a space can be reminiscent of what was once there.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your position?

That we only pick paint colors and furniture, yes that’s part of the creative process but there is so much more to creating a space.

Favorite hobby / hobbies?

I have too many…horseback riding, theatre, photography, cooking, skiing, and crafting (any kind)

Dogs, cats, or neither?

Dogs all the way, I like cats, but they hate me.