Colin Pullman

Colin Pullman

Project Manager

Hollywood Bloodlines, Butte America Roots, Morning Hater

With over a decade of professional experience, Colin’s design knowledge is an integral part of the work we do in our office. He has garnered an expertise in remodel projects and an eye for reusing and re-purposing existing spaces to meet modern needs. Colin’s design philosophy is “we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” by Winston Churchill. He enjoys people who are passionate about life and like to share their energy with others.

Q & A with Colin Pullman

What got you into design / architecture / engineering?

The built world affects everything we do. Having even a small part in the decisions and design of our environment is a rewarding and ever-changing problem.

Favorite part of your job?

Solving the issues of the day, whether it is a detail for a roof soffit, or the layout of a building, there are always new challenges.

Biggest challenge of your job?

Finding the optimum solution to the current challenge that is the most workable, effective, and keeps a project moving forward.

What was your first job?

Pizza delivery driver.

What do you do in your spare time?

Golf in the summer, hunting in the fall, and a little snowmobiling in the winter.