Lamplighter Cabins & Suites

Project overview

Exterior upgrades to Lamplighter Cabins & Suites provide a modern facelift of the existing aged structures while maintaining the feel of unique single cottages. The work included the addition of unique detailing for alternate siding design which both improves the look of the units while decreasing long-term maintenance. Improvements included energy performance measures with better doors and windows and improving exterior insulation values. The design included a phased approach to accommodate the maintained use of facilities while replacing windows, siding, and doors.


Measured up all units on the premises, developed schematic design options, and created final construction documents for the owner’s use regarding permitting and construction. The project team consisted of Jason Egeline, Matt Avard, and Liz Rae.


The owner now has a revised look with lower maintenance and improved longevity to one of Helena’s unique hotel offerings.